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Cancellation Notice: 

We require a 24 hour notice for any cancellation of an appointment.  Please make sure to call during business hours the day prior to your appointment in order to avoid any additional fees. Appointments made within the 24 hour period will need to be canceled within 4 hours of the appointment time to avoid fees.

Cancellation Notice & Final Sale Policy are in place to allow the ability to better serve all of our clients and the community.

Please Note : All Hair Artists Operate Independently. Completed Services are non-refundable once completed all sales are final - Thank you for Understanding.



Base Services

Hair Coloring

Starting at $145.00

Hair Cut & Style

Starting at $65.00


Short Hair $145.00 | Long Hair $165.00

Grooming  session 

Starting at $45.00

Specialty Services

Solza Rebuilding Treatment

Price varies by hair density product amount used for chemically treated sessions.

Balayage Hair Painting

Starting at $135.00

Dimensional Haircolor

Starting at $165.00


Price varies by need. Call for consultation.

Color Correction

Price varies by desired look. Call to schedule hair color consultation.

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